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I am Podsbuy, not Podsbay

I am Podsbuy, not Podsbay. For a long time, a lot of friends have misunderstood that we are the same team. There are articles from Podsbay that slander Podsbuy in various posts. If it is the same team, what is the reason for Podsbay to slander Podsbuy? Internal battles in your team? Obviously, this is not in the company's interest.

So the truth is that we don't know Podsbay, but I never clarified it because I don't want to use rhetoric to justify it. I believe that rumors stop with the wise. I believe that liars are more rhetorical and more afraid that the public will know the truth.

My purpose in writing this paragraph is not to slander Podsbay, but to clarify the fact that we are Podsbuy, an unknown website for sincere online shopping. You have not heard any complaints from buyers about Podsbuy, but you have heard of many buyers. Complaining against Podsbay, this is the difference in corporate culture between Podsbuy and Podsbay.

Podsbuy has its own production factory. Although the scale is not very large, the scale of the factory does not represent the quality of the product. I personally admire the rigorous attitude of German workers work, German workers, and the sense of teamwork at work, I think every product is a work of art, all like our own children. Only when we put our feelings on it will it look vital and unique. I call this work attitude ingenuity.

Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot, I hope you have the water of wisdom.

I’m Podsbuy, a very inconspicuous online shopping website, a website that doesn’t have the word cheat in the dictionary, and a website that puts reputation more important than profit

I am Podsbuy, and I only speak for myself.